Benefits of ASV-Thermal power stations

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Energiewerkstatt™ cogeneration plants are a complex system that combine functional principles of different process technologies in an ideal manner in one machine.

The cooperation of the thermal, hydraulic and electro-technical procedures and processes of the engine technology in one assembly unit requires a high level of engineering know-how and years of experience in this “field”. Energiewerkstatt™ CHP’s have proven every day for over 25 years that this unique symbiosis of practical standard for environmentally friendly and economical production of electricity and heat is achievable.

ASV CHP are modulating condensing CHPs, which automatically adapt to the needs of the object. By modulating the power the machine running time is optimized according to the heat loss. Long runtimes provide high yields safely and ensure the economic viability of cogeneration plants.

All CHP units are equipped as standard with a modem, which allows comfortable access to all data and settings of the CHP. CHP – operators and service managers can quickly and easily query on the remote website, the CHP, use it and evaluate the operation.

  • Low-maintenance and long-term proven 4- and 6-cylinder gas industrial engines from Volkswagen
  • Compact – CHP are the dimensions of a Euro pallet
  • All components are integrated in the CHP – no additional external installations required
  • Ready for delivery
  • CHP can be disassembled into components – modular construction favored CHP – installation in tight spaces
  • Easy servicing and maintenance by all-accessibility and long maintenance intervals
  • condensing boiler technology standard for optimum energy yield
  • Power modulation in the areas of 5 – 20 kW, with ASV 40 10 – 40 kW

  • Due to weight-optimized design weighs only 575 kgs (ASV 40: 800 kgs)
  • ASV – CHP’s have a special soundproofing system and housing, extremely quiet and therefore also suitable for operation in noise-sensitive settings
  • Best efficiency in its performance class ensures a highly efficient energy production
  • Practical options that optimize applications such as LPG engine,cascade operation, current-controlled operation
  • Internet-based Energiewerkstatt™ – remote access system with automatic signaling function
  • High quality standards through sophisticated machines from series production



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