High-efficiency heat compressor

PB+COmpressor HWV 20: The solution for economical production of compressed air

Compressed air production is one of the most expensive energy carriers of our time, because only about 10 percent of the energy can be converted to compressed air. As efficiency specialists, ­Energiewerkstatt™ and Postberg+Co. adopted this challenge and present the PB+COmpressor HWV 20 – an innovative and ecological solution for reducing the costs of compressed air production by up to 60 percent. Using a gas driven engine enables an economic and eco-friendly production of compressed air. By using the heat loss of this process, this approach is highly efficient.

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High-efficiency heat compressors are applicable wherever compressed air and heat are required and have to be generated economically. Examples of this can be seen in the following industries:

  • Galvanik (Galvanizing process): Heat demand for electrolytic processes and high compressed air requirements for metal processing.
  • Plastics processing: Heat demand for injection molds and general high demand for compressed air, which add up to 10 ­percent of the overall operating costs.
  • Food industry: Washing and rinsing valves and vessels (e. g. bottles and milking systems) and compressed air requirements for handling and manipulation technology.


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Calculation Examples

Plastic processing company

Minimum yearly heat requirement:700,800 kWh
Annual compressed air demand:6,953,000 m3
Number HWV 20 plants:1
Annual duration HWV 20:7,000 hours
Heat distribution:416,500 kWh
Compressed air produced:1,344,000 m3
Payback time:2.9 years

Electroplating companies

Yearly process heat requirement:1,226,400 kWh
Annual compressed air demand:17,142,000 m3
Number HWV 20 plants:2
Annual duration HWV 20:8,000 hours
Heat distribution:952,000 kWh
Compressed air produced:3,072,000 m3
Payback time:2.5 years


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Advantages HWV 20

  • Up to 60 percent lower production costs of compressed air and heat by using a gas powered engine
  • Electricity price independent of production of compressed air
  • High-efficiency machine – compressor-efficiency < 4 kW / (m3/min)
  • Verifiable production due to patented Postberg+Co. metrology
  • Production of process heat with temperatures up to
    65 (max. 70) °C (flow) / 95 °C (return)
  • Eco-friendly – up to 50 percent lower CO2 emission than electric compressors
  • Cogeneration technology – tried and tested in Energiewerkstatt™ cogeneration units (CHP)
  • Footprint only 1 m2 *
  • Data encrypted remote query with intelligent report system
  • Low-maintenance and service friendly with automatic oil change
  • Made in Germany

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Specifications and information are subject to change without notice.
* Compact machine – without oil separator and compressed air radiator
** dependent on nominal pressure

Specifications HWV 20

Engine:gas-powered engine by Volkswagen
Fuel:natural gas, liquid gas
Gas intake:68 kW (LHV)
Compressor:rotary screw compressor with oil injection, power intake: max. 22 kW
Nominal pressure:up to 10 bar
Nominal capacities:from 2.8 up to 3.2 m3/min **
Heating capacity:59.5 kW
Thermal efficiency:87.5 percent
Operating temperatures:65 (max. 70) °C (flow) / 95 °C (return)
Dimensions:L x B x H: 1,200 x 800 x 1,520 mm*
Weight:700 kg / 1,540 lbs

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