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Energiewerkstatt™ is a medium-sized, owner-managed company with innovative solutions for decentralized energy supply based on the principle of cogeneration.

The simultaneous generation of heat and electricity in a compact, user-friendly and maintenance-friendly unit are our standard and guide.We have realized this since 1987 and were one of the first providers of these resource- and climate-friendly technologies in Germany.

Cogeneration plants from Energiewerkstatt™ mark for years the current state of technology and prove their worth every day in municipal facilities, hotels, hospitals , retirement homes – wherever heat and electricity is required and must be produced economically.

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Lutz Raugust, Lutz Gärtner, Chief Executive Officers Energiewerkstatt

Energiewerkstatt Produktion

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ASV Series

Energiewerkstatt Produktion

At our location in Hanover-Linden, we develop, build and distribute model ASV cogeneration plants. We are proud that the type designation ASV is already being used as a synonym for CHP in the market.

In this series, we offer machines with electrical power ratings from 14 to 40 kW.All machines are distinguished by their unique footprint of just one square meter of floor space, ready for operation operation without additional equipment needed.

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Efficient link

Energiewerkstatt™-cogeneration plants are the efficient combination of heat and power key components, for the development of a decentralized environmentally friendly energy supply.

High machine availability, supported by a special remote access system, ensures the operator a high degree of investment security and short payback periods. The principle of cogeneration plants has been intelligently implemented in a compact cogeneration unit and installed for the benefit of the operator and the environment – which is provided by Energiewerkstatt™ and its partners.

Energiewerkstatt Produktion

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information material


We have put together in the following folders key information about us and our product range.
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ASV Folder (PDF, english)
PB+COmpressor HWV 20 Folder (PDF, english)
60 Hz – Ready for the states Flyer (PDF, english)
Logo Energiewerkstatt (PDF, CMYK, english)

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